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A letter to Foursquare

Posted by Simon Collis on 2014/07/23
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I’ve been a dedicated user of Foursquare for years. If you follow my Twitter, you’ll have suffered my tweets on it for long enough to know that and (presumably) not hate it enough to block me (probably).

Anyway, Foursquare recently reinvented themselves as two apps, instead of one. The new one’s called Swarm. Lots of people don’t like it.

If you read the iTunes app store page, there are lots of bad reviews. There’s also an email address, asking for feedback. Here’s what I sent them: Read more

Goodbye, iPod classic?

Posted by Simon Collis on 2011/09/28
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iPod classicIt seems that every year, there are rumours that Apple will drop the iPod classic from its lineup. It was mentioned in 2009 by cnet, WhatHiFi prematurely announced its death in April 2010, CNN suggested it again later the same year, and recently it’s been all over the tech sites once again.

My first MP3 player was a Christmas gift – a Diamond Rio 300. An excellent little machine, which lasted for years, but sadly met its end when it fell off a belt, and proved that it couldn’t bounce all the way down the stairs.

So I needed a replacement. Read more